A draft programme for the conference is available here. Information on invited speakers, full papers, short papers and impact-to-industry papers is provided below.

Invited speakers

Claes Wohlin

Claes Wohlin
Claes Wohlin is a Professor of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. He has been Dean for the Faculty of Computing from the 1st of January, 2014. In 2011, Claes Wohlin was elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Further information is available here.

Gareth Cronin

Gareth Cronin

Gareth Cronin is Executive General Manager of Partner Products at Xero, one of New Zealand’s most well known software businesses. He is also a co-founder and CTO of Ambit, a software startup with a platform for creating conversational user experiences for enterprises using natural language processing. He serves on the board of the IT Professionals New Zealand’s (ITP) national tertiary degree accreditation programme under the Seoul Accord, and the advisory panel for the Auckland ICT Grad School. In the past he has been a member of the ITP Auckland branch committee and the IT advisory panel for Manukau Institute of Technology. Gareth is a co-organiser of the Auckland Software Leaders meetup, and can often be found evangelising about the importance of technology to the transformation of the New Zealand economy, and the importance of technology careers for young people.

Prior to founding Ambit and joining Xero, Gareth consulted for Air New Zealand and Vista Entertainment, led engineering at crime analytics software business Wynyard Group, at health software creator Orion Health, and at manufacturing software vendor Kiwiplan.

Gareth left an earlier career as a piano teacher and musician to undertake a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, work as a Software Engineer, and then later complete an MBA at the University of Auckland.

Full papers

Authors Title of paper
Robert Biddle, Andreas Meier, Martin Kropp and Craig Anslow Satisfaction, Practices, and Influences in Agile Software Development
Jennifer Brings, Marian Daun, Markus Kempe and Thorsten Weyer On the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Different Search Methods for Systematic Literature Reviews: Experiences from a Literature Search Affecting Multiple Software Engineering Related Disciplines
Bruno Cartaxo, Gustavo Pinto and Sergio Soares The Role of Rapid Reviews Supporting Decision-Making in Software Engineering Practice
Oliver Karras, Alexandra Risch and Kurt Schneider Interrelating Use Cases and Associated Requirements by Links: An Eye Tracking Study on the Impact of Different Linking Variants on the Reading Behavior
Emilia Mendes, Mirko Perkusich, Vitor Freitas and João Nunes Using Bayesian Network to estimate the value of decisions within the context of Value-Based Software Engineering
Paul Ralph and Ewan Tempero Construct Validity in Software Engineering Research and Software Metrics
Mali Senapathi, Jim Buchan and Hady Osman DevOps capabilities, practices, and challenges: Insights from a case study
Zahra Shakeri Hossein Abad, Oliver Karras, Kurt Schneider, Ken Barker and Mike Bauer Task Interruption in Software Development Projects: What Makes some Interruptions More Disruptive than Others?
Amjed Tahir, Aiko Yamashita, Sherlock Licorish, Jens Dietrich and Steve Counsell Can you tell me if it smells? A study on how developers discuss code smells and anti-patterns in Stack Overflow
Ashley Williams Using reasoning markers to detect rigour of software practitioners’ blog content for searching grey literature
Yan Xiao, Jacky Keung, Qing Mi and Kwabena Bennin Bug Localization with Semantic and Structural Features using Convolutional Neural Network and Cascade Forest
Elijah Zolduoarrati, Sherlock A Licorish and Nigel Stanger Assessing Developers’ Sincerity Responding to User Requests: Android OS Case Study

Short papers

Authors Title of paper
Charles Thevathayan Evolving Project based Learning to Suit Diverse Student Cohorts
Qing Mi, Jacky Keung, Yan Xiao, Solomon Mensah and Xiupei Mei Inception Architecture-Based Model for Improving Code Readability Classification
Paramvir Singh, Matthias Galster and Karanpreet Singh How do Secondary Studies in Software Engineering report Automated Searches? A Preliminary Analysis
Muneera Bano, Didar Zowghi and Francesca Da-Rimini Power and Politics of User Involvement in Software Development
Rafael Chanin, Afonso Sales, Leandro Pompermaier and Rafael Prikladnicki A Systematic Mapping Study On Software Startups Education
Michael Felderer and Fabian Jeschko A Process for Evidence-Based Engineering of Domain-Specific Languages
Neeraj Mathur, Sai Anirudh Karre and Y. Raghu Reddy Usability Evaluation Framework for Mobile Apps using Static Code Analysis
Chamila Wijayarathna and Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage Why Johnny Can’t Store Passwords Securely? A Usability Evaluation of Bouncycastle Password Hashing
Awanthika Senarath and Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Aarachchilage Why developers cannot embed privacy into software systems? An empirical investigation

Impact to industry papers

Authors Title of paper
Panagiotis Stratis and Gordon Brown Assessing the Effect of Device-Based Test Scheduling on Heterogeneous Test Suite Execution
Jim Buchan and Mark Pearl Leveraging the Mob Mentality: An Experience Report on Mob Programming
Zahra Shakeri, Mohammad Noaeen, Didar Zowghi, Behrouz Far and Ken Barker Two Sides of the Same Coin: Software Developers’ Perceptions of Task Switching and Interruption.
Ashley Williams Do software engineering practitioners cite research on software testing in their online articles? A preliminary survey.
Rui Zhang and Genying Xie Toward Understanding IoT developers in Chinese Startups.